“Vehi She’amda” in Israel…and in China

Please view these videos… they both contain the same song from the Hagaddah; same words, same tune … but oh so different!  This is a reminder that, in fact, the Jewish people are one.


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SERMON: The Hagaddah Not to Use!

This morning I want to talk to you about two men; one of whom I suspect none of you have ever heard of and the other I suspect all of you have heard of. Both of them have one thing in common. Let’s see if you can guess what it is.

The first man is named Julius Meini. You never heard of him, and neither did I or many others until he was recently elected as the new President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, a constituent group of the World Jewish Congress. The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress represents the Jews living in Russia, Ukraine, India, Singapore, New Zealand and others. If you have never heard of him, don’t feel bad … most of the people he now represents have never heard of him as well! First of all, Mr. Meini is not a citizen of any of the countries he represents. He holds dual Austrian and British citizenship. Second, Mr. Meini has never before held a leadership role in any Jewish organization. Now, he is elected as the President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress? Third of all, Mr. Meini is currently under investigation for bank fraud. Strange choice to lead a Jewish organization and even stranger is the fact that Mr. Meini’s mother was baptized and some question whether he is, in fact, Jewish. So what is it that Mr. Meini has that elevated him to such an important position in the Jewish world? You tell me: what’s he got? READ MORE

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Pesach is just one week away…

We are just a week away from Pesach … it’s time to take it seriously.  The following articles will help make your preparation “just a bit” easier.

How to do your Pesach Cleaning Cheerfully in Less than One Day, by Rav Shlomo Aviner, Yeshivat Ateret Yerushalayim

The Star-K’s guide to Passover Products That Do Not Require Additional Passover Certification

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What Hagaddah Not to Use…

There are literally hundreds of Hagaddahs out there.  It’s time to look for the one that is right for your family. My sermon this Shabbat is: What Hagaddah Not to Use.

Attached is a Hagaddah put out by the Federations … it doesn’t have everything, but it has a lot.  You can download it for free!

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Pesach Preparations

Just want to make sure that all of you are taking your Pesach preparations seriously.

10 craziest kosher for Passover products, by Frum Satire (AKA Heshy Fried)

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SERMON: Boogie Yaalon, Sha-Shtill and the Meaning of Pesach

It is hard to believe but there are only 14 shopping days left until Pesach. Pesach has a way of sneaking up on us and so to make sure we know it is coming and to give ourselves time to properly prepare, we have this special Shabbat – Shabbat Parshat Ha-Chodesh – which tells us that the month of Nisan is about to begin and the festival of Pesach is on the horizon. But first, what does Pesach mean? You should know that there are a variety of answers to this seemingly simple question. On a simple level, Pesach is the name of the lamb sacrifice that was brought to form the basis of the Seder. But, The Jewish Study Bible translates Pesach as “protected,” and the first century Aramaic translator, Onkelos, says the word means “compassionate.” The most common translation we have for the word “Pesach” is “Passover.” How did “Pesach” get that name? It got that name in the 1500’s from a Protestant Biblical translator named William Tyndale. Tyndale translated the Bible and had to come up with appropriate translations for our Biblical holidays, and so for Shavuot he came up with “the feast of weeks,” referring to the seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuot. For Sukkot he came up with the name “Tabernacles,” referring to the booths we used in the desert. And for Pesach he looked at the special Torah portion we read today which told us of God’s intention to destroy the firstborn of the Egyptians, but the Jews first had to slaughter a lamb, place its blood on their doorposts, “u’fasachta alechem – and I will pass over you … when I strike in the land of Egypt.” William Tyndale put these two words together and gave us “Passover.” But there is one other translation – a Kabbalistic one – of the meaning of the word “Pesach” that I wish to refer to this morning. READ MORE

Boogie Yaalon, Sha-Shtill and the Meaning of Pesach

Tomorrow I will discuss “Boogie Yaalon, Sha-Shtill and the Meaning of Pesach.” Until then, read this:

U.S. says disappointed at no apology from Israeli defense chief

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