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SERMON: The Nile, Denial and Religion

It has been said that every Jewish holiday can be encapsulated in these words: “They tried to kill us, we survived … let’s eat!” Surely, this festival of Pesach is a perfect example of this. Unfortunately, these words: “They tried to kill us …” still resonate today, except that the “they” is something no one wants to name, and the “us” is not just the Jews, but the civilized world.

In the weeks leading up to Pesach these are some of the quotes I read:
– Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said that the terrorism trend lines today were worse “than at any other point in history.”
– Michael Morrell, former Deputy Director of the CIA, told an audience, “My children’s generation and my grandchildren’s generation will still be fighting this fight.”
– Former CIA Director, Gen. David Petraeus, told an interviewer, “We are in the midst of what clearly is a long struggle … there are no shortcuts to success. No single measure that we can take that will eliminate the danger in one fell swoop.”

Yes, “they” are trying to destroy “us.” And it would seem to me that a good measure of the problem that exists today finds its roots in our ancient Egyptian experience. The problems today begin with where the problem began then: right at the Nile. READ MORE


SERMON: Who Do You Trust? Should You Trust Your Rabbi?

In the 1950’s there was a popular television program called “Who Do You Trust?” The emcee was a young man just starting out in television. I wonder whatever happened to him. His name was Johnny Carson! In regard to the question of “who do you trust,” today I would answer: not your rabbis! I’m not talking about me … I’m talking about other rabbis; rabbis like Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum – more popularly known as the Satmar Rebbe – but really one of the two Satmar Rebbes. There are two leaders of this world-renowned Chasidic dynasty … brothers who do not talk to each other, who have sued each other in court, each having their own followers. It is estimated that there are 120,000 Satmar Chasidim in the world and for these 120,000 Jews, what the Rebbe says, goes! Some of Tony Soprano’s henchmen defied him, but no Satmar Chasid would defy his Rebbe! But if they ask me – which they haven’t – I would tell them: don’t trust everything your rabbi tells you! Last week the Satmar Rebbe took note of the fact that there is an increased rate of cancer amongst the women in his sect. He was obviously referring to breast cancer, but he would not use that word. What he did say is that the increasing cancer amongst Satmar women was due to their lack of modesty (Satmar women cover more of their body than most any other Jewish group in the world, but that’s beside the point). And so, as to increase the standards of modesty and lower the rate of cancer among Satmar women, he called for all use of makeup and cosmetics to stop. So, it’s the women that cause cancer. It’s the cosmetics that cause cancer. If any of the Satmar Chasidim asked me – and they haven’t and won’t – I would tell them not to trust every word their rabbi tells them. READ MORE

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U.S., Israel, and American Jewry: Is the Triangle Crumbling?

November 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Yizkor: We Will Never Forget

The world wants us to forget … but we say Yizkor

He was called “vulgar” for what he said. Others said “it was a cheap way of gaining public attention.” A scholar said it was “sheer nonsense.” And still others just said that his words were “out of place.” Whose words am I talking about? It was the words of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when he spoke at the AIPAC conference in Washington. And what was the terrible thing that Bibi Netanyahu had said? In speaking of Iran and its nuclear threat, he made reference to our experiences with the Nazis and the Holocaust. And for this, criticism came from one and all … from the former Israeli opposition leader, Tsipi Livni, who said, “I don’t like his repeated comparisons with the Holocaust. Israel is not Auschwitz,” to American columnist, Maureen Dowd, who wrote, “I’d feel better if our partner was not the trigger happy Netanyahu, who makes hysterical arguments even in the absence of a dire threat. At AIPAC he compared those who want to be less hasty than he does to America’s refusal to bomb Auschwitz in 1944.” READ MORE

Listening to the “Experts” on Iran … and Jewish Law

Rick Santorum, whoever he may be, said that listening to a speech by President John F. Kennedy made him want to throw up. That’s nothing compared to how I feel! If I read one more article or listen to one more analyst regarding whether Israel should bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, I might go and do it myself … just to get it over with! I don’t think I’ve ever read more about any other subject: from the right and the left, for and against, by Israelis and Americans, from Al-Jazera to Yidiot Acharonot, looking at satellite pictures on DEBKA file to an article in The Economist magazine which claims that the cement Iran produces makes the sites invulnerable. I’ve heard it all from President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, to Manny Lazerov and Gary Applebaum. Who knows who to believe? But because of one man’s words, now I know what to believe! READ MORE

IRAN: To Bomb or Not to Bomb … That is the Question

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You tell me what you think, and I’ll tell you what I think … by a show of hands, how many of you think that Israel and/or the United States will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities? And how many of you do not think so? I have long felt that there is absolutely no doubt that Israel will, in fact, bomb the facilities. The way I see it, it is part of a basic Israeli doctrine known as “the Begin doctrine” … the doctrine which led Menachim Begin to go against world opinion and bomb Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981. Begin’s basic philosophy was that, given the hostility and the nature of Israel’s enemies, Israel could not allow its enemies to possess weapons of mass destruction. It was this doctrine that was implemented once again in 2007 when Israel bombed the facility in Syria which that country was using to produce nuclear weapons. It is as simple as that! For one of Israel’s enemies to be in a position to destroy Israel is just unacceptable, even if the bomb was not to be used, just its possession would change the entire equation in the Middle East. Every future decision and policy of Israel would have to be made with the shadow of a nuclear Iran hanging over its head. And if you don’t think that shadow – in and of itself – doesn’t make a difference, just look to Libya … if Libya’s Khadafi had gone ahead and developed a nuclear bomb, NATO would not have been freeing his country. Just look at Pakistan … time and again Pakistan has spit in the face of the U.S. harboring, arming and supporting terrorists. We put up with them. You know why? Because it is estimated they have 100 atom bombs. Just ask Iraq … if Saddam Hussein had had an atomic bomb, he would still be sitting pretty in a palace in Kuwait. READ MORE

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America’s support for Israel

This article from yesterday’s New York Times is a reminder of how important America’s support for Israel is. That’s why we’ve got to support AIPAC (see

Hoping Sanctions Work but Readying Gas Masks

Hoping Sanctions Work but Readying Gas MasksHoping Sanctions Work but Readying Gas Masks

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