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9/11 Ten Years Later

September 13, 2011

9/11 Ten Years Later

It seems hard to believe that it is now 10 years since 19 Islamic terrorists hijacked four airplanes, killed nearly 3000 people and destroyed the World Trade Center. Since that moment in time, the world that we once knew changed in ways we never could have imagined. 10 years ago when those airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers, there was no Facebook, there was no Twitter, there were no cell phones with cameras. One can only imagine how intensely we may have reacted had live pictures been taken by victims before they were burned to death or jumped from windows been streaming into our homes. But our reaction was intense enough as is. The images are still vivid before our very eyes … each of us will always remember where we were when it all happened. For some the scars will never heal. On that day 3000 children lost a parent and to this day the remains of 1300 people have never been found. USA Today tells the story of Brian Lyons, whose brother, Michael, a firefighter, was killed at the Trade Center. Every day for nearly a year after that Brian would search for some sign of his brother’s remains. Finally, he had to satisfy his quest when he found a hand-made tool his brother used to use. For all America, everything changed; militarily, economically, psychologically, strategically, financially and politically. And so this weekend, as a collective America, we pause to remember, with the question being: How are we to remember and what are we to remember? READ MORE

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