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SERMON – Pitum Haketores

February 19, 2013 1 comment

February is a good time to be a rabbi. September and October … not so good! But for me, February has provided a chance to catch my breath. So today, in the middle of the month, I want to cover the whole month from the beginning to the end, from four events that took place on Feb 1st, to an event that took place in next week’s Torah portion that really raised a stink and that’s listed in a Shabbat prayer that most all of us here at Beth Tfiloh don’t say.

On Feb 1st of this year a movie entitled, “Koch” telling the story of New York’s well known Mayor Ed Koch opened in New York. On February 1st of this year, Edward Koch passed away. That is quite a coincidence … he had a “grand opening” and went “out of business” on the same day! I know that some of you still find it hard to believe that I grew up in New York, but I did … even though Ed Koch’s New York accent made me sound British! Ed Koch was the quintessential New Yorker; brash, outgoing, strong willed. He was at the forefront of so much that made New York what it is today. For you Baltimoreans, just think of William Donald Schaefer. They really were very much alike. Their lives were not built around family; it was built around the city they loved. And they were never afraid to “tell it like it is.” READ MORE

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Here’s a preview of tomorrow’s Ravens Purple Shabbat … come and enjoy!

Saturday, February 2nd is Super Bowl Shabbat at BT, featuring a Pre-Pray Parent Nosh, a special family sky box, Ravens favors and kiddush, and an inspiring sermon by Rabbi Posner: “Lessons from the Playoffs: Taking Chances or Playing it Safe” > View the special Super Bowl Shabbat schedule

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat



All of us at Beth Tfiloh are extremely proud of alum Matthew August Jeffers ’09 and continue to be inspired by his optimism, depth of character and his tremendous talent. Kol hakovod Matthew!!!