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SERMON: Thank Heaven for Little Girls … and Big Ones, Too!

February 24, 2014 Leave a comment

This morning I want to talk to you about women … four to be exact. I want to talk to you about women, because everyone always talks about women … and because in recent weeks women have become a major topic in the Jewish world … and because this week’s Torah portion told us something very important about women without even saying it.

Our Torah portion this morning, Vayakhel, told how Moshe gathered the people and how they implemented all of the commandments necessary for the building of the Mishkan – the Tabernacle that was to be the forerunner of the Temple in Jerusalem. In gathering the materials for the Tabernacle, the Torah tells us: “Vayovehu ha-anishim al hanashim – and the men came, “al” the women.” Now, normally this word, “al” means “on.” It can’t mean that here, so there are differences of opinion on how to translate the word “al” … some say, “And the men AND the women came.” Others read it: “The men accompanied the women.” Still others say it means that “the men came ALONG with the women.”  READ MORE


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What’s wrong with this picture?

February 21, 2014 Leave a comment

What’s wrong with this picture?!?
womens seminar

Find out tomorrow in my sermon, “Find out tomorrow in my sermon, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls…and Big Ones, Too!” Shabbat shalom!

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Keeping — or Losing — the Faith

February 6, 2014 Leave a comment

My sermon this Shabbat is entitled: Bibi Netanyahu and His Son; What to do when your child rejects your values.

You might find this New York Times article of interest: Book Explores Ways Faith Is Kept, or Lost, Over Generations

SERMON: God and/or Man

February 3, 2014 Leave a comment

As I have pointed out before, Ariel Sharon when asked to explain why, as Minister of Housing Construction, he had promoted the building of thousands of homes in the Judea Samaria and Gaza Strip, and then as Prime Minister, had been behind the disengagement from Gaza and eventually the return of some land to the Palestinians … he would explain: “The view from here [the Prime Minister’s office] is different than the view from there.” During my two week visit to Israel I kept thinking of those words in my own personal context. How different the news is when you are in Israel from when you are in the U.S. While back here in the U.S. the news during those two weeks focused on Gov. Christie, the Geneva Talks, Obamacare … almost nothing was heard about those things in Israel. In Israel the two major topics of discussion were in regard to two individuals whose names I suspect most all of you don’t even know, but underscore two unique aspects of our people. READ MORE