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Children in Our Sanctuaries

I couldn’t have said it better!

Our sanctuaries are not sanctuaries from children. They are sanctuaries for children.”

Children in the Sanctuary



Jordanian Commentators Demolish Studio While Arguing over Syria War

I am not sure I know why I am sending this out … but I really think it’s worth watching as we usher in the peace of the Shabbos.

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SERMON: There Are Certain Things You Just Don’t Say! Israel at 66

There are some things you just don’t say! It’s as simple as that! Donald Sterling is learning exactly what I mean. Donald Sterling, born to Jewish parents named Tokowitz, is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. He was caught on tape telling his girlfriend not to come to basketball games with black people. This is not the first time that Sterling has gotten into trouble for what he said, but this may very well be the last time. Barack Obama – from Malaysia – issued a condemnation of what Sterling said! And Sterling is to be condemned for what he said! It matters not that next month he was supposed to be honored by the National Association of Colored People. It matters not that what he said was said “off the record” in a private conversation and his words were taped without his knowledge, perhaps violating his privacy. It doesn’t matter! Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but when your opinion is ugly there are certain things you just don’t say! READ MORE

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What NOT to say…

BT's Blue & White Shabbat

Blue & White Shabbat @ Beth Tfiloh Cong., 5/3, 9 am

This Shabbat will be Blue & White Shabbat at Beth Tfiloh Congregation, in honor of Israel’s 66th birthday. I’ll tell you why “There Are Certain Things You Just Don’t Say! Israel at 66.” Get all the details about Blue & White Shabbat in our Facebook event.

And speaking of Israel (I do that a lot,) this article, Land without peace: Why Abbas went to the U.N., by Charles Krauthammer, is just as relevant now as it was 15 years ago when he wrote it.  I hope to see you Sunday night when Dr. Krauthammer will be our speaker at the Dahan Annual Lecture, taking place at 7:30 pm in Beth Tfiloh Congregation’s Dahan Sanctuary.