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Boogie Yaalon, Sha-Shtill and the Meaning of Pesach

Tomorrow I will discuss “Boogie Yaalon, Sha-Shtill and the Meaning of Pesach.” Until then, read this:

U.S. says disappointed at no apology from Israeli defense chief

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SERMON: Where’s the Plane?

Where’s the plane? How many times have you asked yourself that question in the last two weeks? Where is the plane? That’s the question that has mesmerized the world ever since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared. There have been so many theories to “where is the plane?” – hijacking, malfunction, terrorism, elves, suicide. The Washington Post listed some of the Internet’s best theories: the plane never crashed – it’s just invisible! The plane has been at a U.S. Navy base called Diego Garcia the whole time. The plane was shot down by a hostile country … that one from Rush Limbaugh! The plane was hijacked by terrorists and is being retrofitted to become an attack plane. And of course, the flight was abducted by aliens! All sorts of theories, but no sure answer. And that seems to be driving all of us crazy. Why is that? READ MORE

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Where’s the Plane?

Come to shul tomorrow for my answer to: Where’s the Plane?

Until then, here’s Courtney Love’s theory.

Lucky Number 7

Seven is considered a lucky number.  Read #7 here: 10 Religious Surprises in the US Congress

Best. Gragger. Ever.

This might be a little late for Purim this year…so let’s just consider it early for next year! You’re going to love this–it’s a whole new way to react to “Haman” during megillah reading.

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SERMON: Haman and the Hareidim

I tell you now: if you stick around until the end of the sermon you’re going to hear me say something that you might find shocking, coming from me!

Tonight we usher in the joyous festival of Purim. Purim commemorates an incident in Jewish history which took place nearly 2500 years ago while the Jews were living in Persia. Haman convinces the king to annihilate the Jews, but through the wisdom of Mordecai and Esther, and with the grace of God, the Jews were saved … leading to rejoicing and celebrating, which we commemorate to this very day. In fact, rejoicing is such an integral part of Purim that our sages ordained that on this day we are to fulfill what, to me, is the nicest and certainly the most popular rabbinic decree: On Purim, say our sages, one is obligated to drink enough alcohol until – in the words of our sages – “Ad d’lo yodah ben arur Haman l’boruch Mordechai” – until one can no longer differentiate between the phrase, “Cursed is Haman” and the phrase, “Blessed is Mordechai.” What a marvelous commandment! It seems as if we are obligated to get drunk! Even those Jews who usually don’t follow the laws of our rabbis, must find some attraction to this decree! READ MORE

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This Shabbat…I’m going to say something shocking!

This Shabbat, I will discuss Haman and the Hareidim. This is how I will begin my sermon: “I tell you now: if you stick around until the end of the sermon you’re going to hear me say something that you might find shocking, coming from me …”

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