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SERMON: Charm City?

Two weeks ago at the conclusion of the Kentucky Derby, Bob Baffert, the trainer of the winning horse, American Pharaoh, was asked whether, given the unrest in Baltimore, he would be bringing his horse here to run in today’s Preakness. His response was, “People settle down and things get worked out … life still goes on.” He’s right, you know! And that is part of the problem. What happened here in Baltimore has happened before. Time Magazine captured that feeling with its cover story picturing a racial disturbance in Baltimore with the words: “America 1968” with 1968 crossed out and 2015 scribbled in instead, followed by the words: “What has changed and what hasn’t?” The fact is, it has happened before, and people settled down. And so, it happened again and people have settled down. Yet we are left with the feeling that we haven’t seen the end of all this. READ MORE

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