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Pesach Sheini: The Jewish People’s Mulligan

Good yontif!  I know that greeting will sound strange to most all of you.  It is the greeting we use for a holiday, but the fact of the matter is, we are on the eve of a holiday in the Jewish calendar.  And if that sounds surprising to you, I have a feeling that most of you will be even more surprised to know that tomorrow there will be many Jews around the world who will be eating matzah!  Yes, after having spent a week eating matzah brei, matzah farfel, matzah latkes, matzah balls and of course, the newest – matzah pizza – commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Sicily … tomorrow, for one more day, Jews will be eating matzah once again.  Tomorrow in the Jewish calendar is Pesach Sheini – the second Passover.

It is oftentimes said that “it is now or never” – once you get a chance to do something and you miss it, it is too late.  Indeed, King Solomon tells us in the Book of Ecclesiastes: “That which is crooked cannot be made straight … and what is lacking cannot be included.”  You better get things right the first time around because there are no second chances! READ MORE


Defending Baltimore…and some Israeli Insipiration

In Defense of Baltimore:

With the release of “The Raven,” about a serial killer (John Cusack) who draws inspiration for his grisly crimes from the works of Edgar Allen Poe, the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Queenan asks the entertainment industry to stop picking on Baltimore: Hollywood Is So Crabby About Baltimore

Rowing Winner Sings “Hatikvah”:

When Moran Samuel, winner of a rowing competition for the disabled in Italy, discovered that the organizers negelected to bring a CD with “Hatikvah,” she took matters into her own hands and sang it on her own: Watch her moving rendition of  “Hatikvah”