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My Pesach sermons: From Kitniyot to Sophie Tucker

My Shabbat Pesach sermon (April 23, 2011) discussed “Kitniyot: To Beans or not to Beans?”  READ MORE

My Pesach Yizkor sermon (April 26, 2011) is entitled “Some of these days, you’re gonna miss me, honeyREAD MORE

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In support of Israel

Pesach provided a lot of time to read. These articles should be read by every supporter of Israel.

“The Ultimate Ally”, by Michael Oren (Foreign Policy Magazine, May/June 2011)

“Editor’s Notes: The moralist”, by David Horovitz (Jerusalem Post, Apr. 22, 2011)

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Egypt: Back to the Future


Egypt: Back to the Future

Here it is, 3323 years after the exodus from Egypt, and this year once again our focus as Jews is back on Egypt. This was the year of the 5th question: what affect will the revolution in Egypt and the Middle East have on the state of Israel and the Jewish people? When Napoleon swept through Europe in 1812 he promised the Jews emancipation in any of the territories he would conquer. One great Chassidic master, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Ryminov, prayed for Napoleon’s victory, while another great Chassidic master, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, sided with the Czar; worrying that Napoleon would bring along secularization. To this day their Chassidim disagree on who was right. So what should we say of today’s events? Good for the Jews or not? The answer is: it depends! It depends upon which perspective of the ancient Egyptian experience we are to use as a guide. READ MORE

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A great Haggadah for your Seder!

Look whose Haggadah is being featured by the Baltimore Jewish Times!

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Quinoa for Pesach

Quinoa has become the big question before Pesach.  I say that you can certainly use it.  This article gives you a little background on the issue and reminds you why you are lucky to have me as your rabbi.

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Preparing for the Seders

I am afraid all too many Seder experiences are like this one.


I hope yours is not like this … now is the time to prepare for the Seder – not just the food but what is going to be taught and remembered.

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Feeling good about Pesach

With all the troubling news in the world today, here are two “feel good” videos about Pesach:





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