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Kosher Giraffes and Smelling a Rat

This Shabbat, I will speak about Kosher Giraffes and Smelling a Rat. But first, read this:

Did Marius the giraffe have to be euthanized?

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Ring Out the Old…

January 3, 2012 Leave a comment

It is hard to know how to properly greet you today. To say “Happy New Year,” we were told in the Yeshiva, sounds too “goyish.” To wish you a Shana Tova sounds a bit too Jewish! So let me fall back on the age-old Yiddish wish: “Ah gut yahr un ah gezunt yahr” – Let it be a good year and a healthy year.

But while the New Year is about to begin and we are supposed to “ring out the old and ring in the new,” I still have some unfinished business from this past year which I want to take care of this morning. Amidst a year filled with earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear crisis, street protests and the Arab Spring, the most significant event of this past year came toward the end of the year, with the arrival of my sixth grandchild – my second grandson. Nothing can compare to that! But today I want to tell you about three news clippings I came across this past year that I wanted to comment on, but somehow they didn’t fit in to any of my sermons. The first story is the most ridiculous one of the year. The second, in some way, is the saddest one of the year. And the third, in some way, is the nicest one of the year. Collectively, they say much about the present American and Jewish condition. READ MORE

Keeping Kosher

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Since I spoke about keeping kosher in my Rosh Hashana sermon, everyone seems to be talking about it . . . even the New York Times this coming Sunday in its magazine section.

“Keeping It Kosher” (New York Times, Oct. 7, 2010)

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Kosher by Design

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

In light of my Rosh Hashana sermon, I thought you might find this of interest. In general, Tablet Magazine is worth reading on a daily basis.

Kosher by Design: How Michael Wyschogrod taught me to eat like a Jew, by David P. Goldman (Tablet Magazine, 9/14/2010)

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My Rosh Hashanah Sermon

September 14, 2010 Comments off

My Rosh Hashanah sermon certainly has people talking. Some think I went too far and others think I didn’t go far enough. Read my sermon and see what you think.

Beth Tfiloh Sermon web page

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