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Here’s a preview of tomorrow’s Ravens Purple Shabbat … come and enjoy!

Saturday, February 2nd is Super Bowl Shabbat at BT, featuring a Pre-Pray Parent Nosh, a special family sky box, Ravens favors and kiddush, and an inspiring sermon by Rabbi Posner: “Lessons from the Playoffs: Taking Chances or Playing it Safe” > View the special Super Bowl Shabbat schedule

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat

Ravens Cake for Super Bowl Shabbat



All of us at Beth Tfiloh are extremely proud of alum Matthew August Jeffers ’09 and continue to be inspired by his optimism, depth of character and his tremendous talent. Kol hakovod Matthew!!!


BT Prays for the Ravens!

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Tomorrow I will be speaking about Chuck Hagel and the Jews. But for today, let’s focus on the more important issue that is on everyone’s mind: the attached is now outside our synagogue on Old Court Road.

Shabbat Shalom.

Beth Tfiloh Prays for the Ravens

Should Tim Tebow Wear His Tzitsis Out?

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

For football fans the season is now officially over! Of course, for Ravens fans the season ended on Jan 21st … for Jets fans – like me – the season ended sometime in October! And yet, with the Giants Super Bowl win bringing an end to the football season, the football story of the year is still being discussed, and will be discussed for quite a while. It was the football story that moved from the sports pages to the religious pages to the front pages … that moved from the stadium to the church and synagogue … the story that raised not simply an athletic question but a theological question. The question? Tim Tebow or not to bow?

The Tim Tebow story is quite a story. For those of you who spend your days and nights simply learning Torah, let me give you a background on Tebow. Tim Tebow is the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. He is not considered a very talented quarterback, and yet, game after game he seemed to keep winning, which some considered to be miraculous. They thought this because Tebow is a devout Christian; he preaches the gospel and after a significant play, he kneels on the field to express gratitude to God. And now, many children emulate him by doing the “Tebow!” His wondrous powers achieved their greatest heights when he led his team to victory in a playoff game against the favored Pittsburgh Steelers (may their names be blotted out). READ MORE