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SERMON: Liar, Liar … Pants on Fire

November 1, 2016

There’s this family that lives on a farm in America. The father calls his three sons, Anthony, Louis and Nick, into the kitchen. He says to his sons, “Which one of you pushed the outhouse into the river?” “Not I,” replied Anthony. “Nor me,” Louis said. “It wasn’t me either, father,” said Nick. So the father says “I want to tell you a story about George Washington. One day George Washington’s father gave him a hatchet. Then, George Washington chopped down his father’s favorite cherry tree. George Washington’s father said, ‘George, who chopped down my favorite cherry tree?’ George Washington said, ‘Father, I cannot tell a lie, it was me.’ So George Washington’s father hugged and kissed his son for being honest with him.” Then Anthony said, “Father, I, like George Washington, cannot tell a lie, I pushed the outhouse into the river.” The father takes off his belt and starts beating him. After he got the beating Anthony says, “But father, I was honest like George Washington.” The father replies, “But George Washington’s father wasn’t in the cherry tree when he chopped it down.” READ MORE

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