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SERMON: Facebook or Face to Face

February 29, 2016

It happened six months ago and was immediately forgotten. And I don’t know why!

In August of 2015, a truly historic event took place. And while it was covered in newspapers and on television, soon thereafter it was like it never happened! We oftentimes refer to the first heart transplant that was performed by South Africa’s Dr. Christian Barnard, but the transplant I have in mind, in many ways, had an even greater consequence for the future. It happened to Patrick Hardison, 41 years of age, on August 14, when doctors performed on him the most extensive face transplant in history! Hardison had been injured 14 years ago while fighting a fire as a volunteer and he was left with disfiguring burns across his face, neck and upper torso. He lost his eyelids, ears, lips, most of his nose as well as his hair, including his eyebrows. On August 12, 2015, David Rodebaugh – a 26 year old – died in a biking accident. His heart, liver, kidneys, eyes and bones were transplanted in several people, but his entire face was transplanted on to Patrick Hardison. The surgery lasted more than 26 hours and involved a medical team of over 70 people. The hospital, New York University’s Langone Medical Center, footed the bill of $1 million. READ MORE

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