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SERMON: Lech Lecha: Would You Travel to Israel Now?

October 26, 2015

Last week I had a sad experience. I was reading an Israeli newspaper online describing the situation in Jerusalem where tourists had disappeared, trips were called off, people were fearful to stand at bus stations, no one was going downtown … and then I saw an article with the headline: “The Choir That Didn’t Cancel.” Before reading the article for some reason I said to myself: I bet you it wasn’t a Jewish choir.  And sadly, I was right. The choir was 150 singers from an American group called “The Singing Men from Georgia.” This is a group of Baptists who were giving a concert called “Bringing Hope to the Peoples of the Holy Land.” They didn’t cancel … would you? Honestly, would you book a trip to Israel these days given the situation there? I would! I can’t go now, but this past week I booked a flight to go to Israel in January. Would you? The truth of the matter is, anyone reading the newspapers would certainly agree that given the situation there, this is far from the perfect time to visit. But I wouldn’t hesitate to go. I don’t make light of the situation but I can’t help but feel right now I would be safer in downtown Jerusalem than downtown Baltimore. READ MORE

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