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SERMON: My Good Buddy, Larry Hogan

November 11, 2014

Let me tell you about my good, old buddy, Larry Hogan. I’ve known him for nearly two months now. Until then I really didn’t know who he was. But then I got a call from one of our congregants who said he would like to bring Mr. Hogan to my office to meet with me. So we got together, sat down and talked. I have to say we really hit it off. He came well prepared to meet me. I knew that when he asked if he could borrow my new car, and I told him it was his on any Friday night of the year. I liked him! I told him I would try to be of help. I called some people to meet with him and to give him some support. I helped arrange a meeting between him and the Orthodox rabbis in our community. And I voted for him … not really thinking that he had much of a chance of winning. But truth to tell, one of the major reasons I voted for him was not only because of him, but also because of the candidate who was running against him! Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown lost my vote because I never knew what he stood for; I only knew what he was against! He was against Larry Hogan … and hardly a day went by that I did not get Brown campaign literature that didn’t attack Larry Hogan. Ok, Mr. Brown, you told me what would be wrong with having Larry Hogan as governor, but you forgot to tell me what was right about
having Anthony Brown as governor! It turns out that a lot of people in Maryland felt the same way as I did! And it turns out that lots of people in the U.S. felt that way as well. READ MORE

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