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SERMON: Where’s the Plane?

Where’s the plane? How many times have you asked yourself that question in the last two weeks? Where is the plane? That’s the question that has mesmerized the world ever since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared. There have been so many theories to “where is the plane?” – hijacking, malfunction, terrorism, elves, suicide. The Washington Post listed some of the Internet’s best theories: the plane never crashed – it’s just invisible! The plane has been at a U.S. Navy base called Diego Garcia the whole time. The plane was shot down by a hostile country … that one from Rush Limbaugh! The plane was hijacked by terrorists and is being retrofitted to become an attack plane. And of course, the flight was abducted by aliens! All sorts of theories, but no sure answer. And that seems to be driving all of us crazy. Why is that? READ MORE

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