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SERMON: Who Do You Trust? Should You Trust Your Rabbi?

March 4, 2014

In the 1950’s there was a popular television program called “Who Do You Trust?” The emcee was a young man just starting out in television. I wonder whatever happened to him. His name was Johnny Carson! In regard to the question of “who do you trust,” today I would answer: not your rabbis! I’m not talking about me … I’m talking about other rabbis; rabbis like Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum – more popularly known as the Satmar Rebbe – but really one of the two Satmar Rebbes. There are two leaders of this world-renowned Chasidic dynasty … brothers who do not talk to each other, who have sued each other in court, each having their own followers. It is estimated that there are 120,000 Satmar Chasidim in the world and for these 120,000 Jews, what the Rebbe says, goes! Some of Tony Soprano’s henchmen defied him, but no Satmar Chasid would defy his Rebbe! But if they ask me – which they haven’t – I would tell them: don’t trust everything your rabbi tells you! Last week the Satmar Rebbe took note of the fact that there is an increased rate of cancer amongst the women in his sect. He was obviously referring to breast cancer, but he would not use that word. What he did say is that the increasing cancer amongst Satmar women was due to their lack of modesty (Satmar women cover more of their body than most any other Jewish group in the world, but that’s beside the point). And so, as to increase the standards of modesty and lower the rate of cancer among Satmar women, he called for all use of makeup and cosmetics to stop. So, it’s the women that cause cancer. It’s the cosmetics that cause cancer. If any of the Satmar Chasidim asked me – and they haven’t and won’t – I would tell them not to trust every word their rabbi tells them. READ MORE

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