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SERMON: Do You Know When to Let Things Go?

December 16, 2013

I don’t know Binyomin Ginsberg … until last week I had never heard his name. But I can tell you right now that if he applied for membership to Beth Tfiloh, I would pay for his dues … for him to go to Chizuk Amuno!

Binyomin Ginsberg is a rabbi; a Jewish educator living in Minnesota. From there he has traveled on Northwest Airlines approximately 75 times a year, giving him a special place in Northwest Airline’s Frequent Flyer Program. But in the year 2008, Northwest dropped him and his Frequent Flyer points, pointing out that in the fine print of their agreement, an airline can do just that! Rabbi Ginsberg sued them … lost the case … it went to an Appellate Court where he won. Last week he found himself standing before the Supreme Court of the United States of America, appearing on national news – both on television and in newspapers including the Baltimore Sun. There are a lot of technical aspects to this case, involving airline deregulation and other issues. But why, in fact, did Northwest Airlines drop such a frequent flyer? It seems that aside from being a “frequent flyer,” Rabbi Ginsberg is also a frequent complainer! During one seven month period of time, the rabbi complained to the airline about two dozen times demanding compensation for delays, lost luggage, losing seats on overbooked flights that Northwest said the rabbi had reserved “with the purpose of being bumped.” From the questions raised by the Supreme Court Justices, it does not seem as if Rabbi Ginsberg is going to win his case, but that’s not the point of this sermon… READ MORE

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