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Rosh Hashanah: It’s “Too Good to Be True”

September 3, 2013

If you missed Beth Tfiloh’s A Cappella Selichot this Saturday night, you missed something truly special. More than 200 community members enjoyed this extraordinarily uplifting and inspiring kumsitz and Selichot service with our own Hazzan Avi Albrecht and the very talented Kol Fusion a cappella group! Here’s a recap:

Kumsitz and A Cappella Selichot at BT

Rosh Hashanah — Just to Good to Be True

If Frankie Valli were Jewish, I’m sure he’d be singing this tune today:

“It’s just too good to be true…New Year for me and for you…A day to thank God above and thank all those you love.”

When Rosh Hashanah Comes Early & Other Calendar Quirks

Okay, here’s a question for all you trivia buffs out there. When was the last time Rosh Hashanah began as early as September 5th? Find out here

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