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SERMON: Turn the Lights On

May 30, 2013

Oftentimes upon my return from Israel I have spoken about the divisions amongst Israelis regarding the military situation and the quest for peace with the lines separating hawks from doves, Labor from Likud, settlers from Peace Now.  I am happy to tell you that I have never found the people of Israel closer to unity on the Arab/Israeli conflict than now.  The whole issue is hardly discussed.  With Egypt turning, Jordan tottering, Syria exploding, Hamas controlling and Hezbollah fighting … most of the entire Israeli spectrum is in agreement that peace is not at hand.  So the good news is, the Arabs are no longer dividing Israel.  The bad news is, now it’s God!

Hardly a page in any Israeli newspaper does not feature a story regarding the religious divide in Israel.  “Attah echad v’shvimcha echad – God is One and His name is One” … but His people are not one.  The deep, dangerous religious divide in Israel touches on most every subject – from the election of a new Chief Rabbi, to housing allowances, to Women of the Wall, to ultra-Orthodox conscription, to school curriculum, to marriage, divorce, conversion, and to where you sit on the bus!  And it makes all of us look bad!  And even worse, some of us don’t even see how bad it looks, how bad they look … and you don’t have to look to Israel to see it.  Let me just cite recent examples here in America, one from the Reform and one from the Orthodox. READ MORE

On an entirely different note…

It’s amazing the impact BT has on people’s lives. Take Jocelyn Bogdan, who had a life-changing experience while working as a counselor at BT Camps…where she discovered Nutella, as recounted in this Jewish Daily Forward blog post, Save My Nutella Ice Cream — Please!

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