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SERMON: Habemus Papum – Habemus Pesach

“Habemus Papum – we have a Pope!” When those words rang out from the Church of St. Peter in the Vatican 10 days ago, the entire world was mesmerized and rejoiced. In these days of mass global communication it is not just the Catholics who have a Pope … we have a Pope! And “we” includes me! When Argentinean Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was announced as Pope, a friend called and asked me if I remembered him. This friend and I were part of a delegation of rabbis who went to Buenos Aires when Argentina’s economy collapsed and we went to provide support to the Jewish community there. At that time we also met with leaders of the Catholic community. And according to my friend, the Bishop we met with is now the Pope! Now, I must be honest and tell you that I really don’t remember him. And I have reason to believe, although I can’t be 100% percent sure, that he doesn’t remember me! But that won’t stop me from delivering this sermon today, the topic of which is: What do I and the Pope have in common? READ MORE

PLUS: Don’t miss this outstanding sermon by Beth Tfiloh alum and Baltimore Ravens inspiration Matthew Jeffers ’09, “Faith, Hope & Football”, delivered on Shabbat Chol Hamoed of Pesach.

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