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SERMON: Kosher L’Pesach Bagels?

Pesach is coming!  These are tough times for us men.  There are now only 12 shopping days left before Pesach and there’s a lot of cleaning and scrubbing and koshering and cooking to be done.  It’s rough on us men … and on some women as well!  This is nothing new!  They tell a story from our East European days of a Jewish community living in isolation in Russia where the ruling authorities had prohibited any Jewish observance.  But then one year, when spring came, a new ruler came to the fore who told the Jews that they could now once again observe all of their rituals.  One Jew joyously came home and told this to his wife.  And her immediate response was: “Couldn’t the ruler wait until after Pesach!”

Well, we can’t wait.  Pesach is here with new products specifically stamped “Kosher for Pesach.”  Today I want to talk to you about two such products; two which represent a contemporary mindset … one meant to make Pesach easier and the other ends up making Pesach more difficult. READ MORE

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