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SERMON: The Righteous Fool

December 17, 2012

Like most everyone else, I have my virtues and I have my flaws, my strengths and my weaknesses. Unlike most everyone else, my virtues and strengths far outweigh my weaknesses and flaws. In fact, for me to talk about my virtues today would require extending Chanukah for another eight days! So this morning I just want to talk about two of them.

First, I respect other people’s opinions. I really do! I have my own opinion on most subjects and usually feel very strongly about them. But I never close my mind to the opinions of others. There is a reason why the Talmud includes both the majority and minority opinions of our sages. Even if you’re wrong, there is something that can still be learned from you.

The second virtue I take note of this morning is the fact that, generally speaking, nothing bothers me! I wasn’t always like this, but in recent years it is hard for me to think of anything that has raised my blood pressure. When something goes on that I don’t like or I disagree with, I take the attitude that I’ve preached: it is what it is … and I go on my merry way. I wish all of you would be able to sleep at night the way I do! I really do sleep like a baby because I don’t have a worry in the world; there is nothing bothering me. READ MORE

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