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SERMON: Obama & Romney, Jacob & Esav; Who’s Who and What’s What?

November 19, 2012

It happened the day before the presidential election. It was reported by Shmuel Ben-Atar, a radio host who said he had participated in the secret ritual that had taken place that day in Jerusalem when a group of Kabbalists gathered together, chanted special prayers and incantations, changing Mitt Romney’s first name to Moshe – Moshe Romney. Ben-Atar claimed, “This kind of prayer can turn worlds upside down. We ask the people of Israel to pray that Obama – who doesn’t like Israel – is brought down.” The delegation then traveled to the Kotel to pray for Moshe Romney’s success. What wasn’t reported was that the day after the election, in light of the election, a group had gathered to add additional names to Moshe Romney, who would henceforth be known as Moshe Romney Olov Hashalom.

Yes, Moshe Romney is gone … and Boruch Obama is back! And of course the question is: Will Boruch be a blessing for us? We will find out, but one thing is for sure: I’m not going to be like many who voted for Moshe Romney. People like Donald Trump who declared: “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy.” Karl Rove wasn’t much better when he said that Obama had only “succeeded by suppressing the vote” – whatever that means! None of this compares to the words of a Libertarian blogger, Eric Dondero, who, after the election, blogged, “All family and friends, even close family and friends, who I know to be Democrats are hereby dead to me. I vow never to speak to them again for the rest of my life or have any communications with them.” What do you call people like these? That’s right: SORE LOSERS. We met the first of this kind in today’s Torah portion in the character of Esav, who sold his birthright to his brother, Jacob, and then when his brother received the blessing meant for the firstborn, Esav handled that well; vowing to kill Jacob. That is what happens when you can’t face up to your losses. READ MORE

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