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“We Are Not Ready to Become Freiers”

September 27, 2012

Tonight I want to teach you a word … just one word. It’s a word I suspect that most of you don’t know but every Israeli child does. It is perhaps the most popular word used in Israel these days, and it is not even a Hebrew word. It’s a word that goes to the very heart of the Israeli psyche. And because of that, you need to know it, the world needs to know it, and I dare say that President Obama should have been taught it from the very beginning.

We have ushered in the Day of Atonement for our sins. There are a lot of sins we’ll be speaking about as we recite the Al Chet confession of sins. But if you asked an Israeli today what is the greatest sin, he might not list anything from the Al Chet or Ashamnu. Today in Israel the greatest sin is to be a freier. The literal translation: a sucker. But it runs much deeper than that… READ MORE

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