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Seeing the Good with the Bad

June 19, 2012

Many of you, I’m sure, remember Irv Kroll. He was a man who came to worship here 365 days of the year – and he used to say to me from time to time, “Rabbi, come on. I listen to your eulogies and all your plaque dedications. You’re always saying how this one is special and that one’s outstanding and this one is unique … everybody’s so great. Come on, Rabbi, get off of it!” And I would always reply to him, “Don’t worry, Irv. When it comes your turn, I’ll lie about you, too!”

Well, when it came Irv’s turn I didn’t lie about him. I told the truth … he was one of my all-time favorite congregants. And I have to tell you, whenever it is that I say something nice about a person – no matter who they are – it’s not because I’m lying. It’s because I take to heart the words Moses expressed to the 12 spies who went to scout the land of Israel. And because of his words, today I have something nice to say about Queen Elizabeth. READ MORE

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