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Presents … and Presence

June 4, 2012

Our own Rabbi Lerner struck a responsive chord in a sermon he delivered to us last month. In speaking about how he had recently celebrated his wedding anniversary, he pointed out that last year he had taken his wife to Kosher Bite to celebrate their anniversary. She had asked for something a bit more upscale and expensive this year, so for their anniversary Rabbi Lerner took Alison to the Exxon station!

Finding the right gift is not as simple as it sounds, as seen in today’s Torah portion. Today’s Torah portion, Naso, is the longest of all Torah portions, made so because it describes in minute detail the gifts the leaders of each of the twelve tribes brought for the dedication of the Tabernacle. If you look at the gifts you cannot help but notice that they all brought the exact same things: silver dish, silver basin – both filled with flour and oil – a golden pan filled with incense, oxen and goats and lambs. Now it’s true that when you’re in the wilderness your options are limited. There is no bridal registry to look at … no gift cards to make life easier. But you know what? A gift card may be the easiest gift to give, but it’s certainly not the best! You think a bride and groom will think of you when they cash it in? No, for a bride and groom I would recommend a carving board. Yes, a carving board … just like this one! My father-in-law had a friend named Al Robeson, and that is what he gave Sherry and me when we got married. And here it is 47 years later and we’re still using it, and we still recall his name. READ MORE

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