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Listening to the “Experts” on Iran … and Jewish Law

March 26, 2012

Rick Santorum, whoever he may be, said that listening to a speech by President John F. Kennedy made him want to throw up. That’s nothing compared to how I feel! If I read one more article or listen to one more analyst regarding whether Israel should bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, I might go and do it myself … just to get it over with! I don’t think I’ve ever read more about any other subject: from the right and the left, for and against, by Israelis and Americans, from Al-Jazera to Yidiot Acharonot, looking at satellite pictures on DEBKA file to an article in The Economist magazine which claims that the cement Iran produces makes the sites invulnerable. I’ve heard it all from President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, to Manny Lazerov and Gary Applebaum. Who knows who to believe? But because of one man’s words, now I know what to believe! READ MORE

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