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Homosexuality: Can You Change Human Nature?

March 12, 2012

A few weeks ago a member of our synagogue came to see me and told me their son had “come out of the closet.” He openly declared that he is gay! At first, our member was shocked to hear this news, but soon enough, made peace with the fact. Now our member – and others –are involved in establishing a support group for Jewish parents of gay children. Next Sunday at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation an Israeli movie will be shown on this subject, followed by a panel discussion involving rabbis and an academician. They already had a Conservative and Reform rabbi on the panel and they wanted an Orthodox one. Homosexuality is a very “loaded” issue in the Orthodox community and it was felt that someone from Beth Tfiloh – with our more liberal and open approach – might be best suited to appear. I replied that I wanted to be completely supportive of the endeavor, I recognize this is an issue that the Orthodox community is reluctant to deal with but must, and I said that certainly one of our rabbis would appear on the panel. READ MORE

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