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Purim 2012: Bibi for (American) President!

March 8, 2012

Some Purim Torah from my friend, Rabbi Jack Riemer:

Purim Torah for 2012

The Republicans have been hopelessly entangled in a never ending race, and no one candidate has yet been able to capture the nomination, and so the establishment is looking for another candidate.

The ideal candidate is:  BIBI NETANYAHU!!!

l. It is true that he was not born in the United States, but Obama surely cannot object to that, since he too was not born in the United States.

2. If the key issue is the economy, he was Minister of Finance, so he has had experience in ruinng the economy.

3. It is true that he has had three wives, but Romney surely can’t object because he is a Mormon, and by them, that is permitted.

4. Each of the candidates has been claiming that he is more pro-Israel than the others are, but he will surely have Israel’s back. In fact, since all the candidates are stressing that Israel and America have shared values, he could bring about a merger. He could be head of both countries at the same time as a step towards merger.

5. He has more experience and more ability than any of the others at debating Obama.

6. He would probably get a fairly good share of the Jewish vote—just like Mordechai, who saved the Jews, rose to high office, and was ratsu LIROV echav, and was approved by MANY of his people.

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