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Protests: From Manhattan to Moscow to the Middle East to Meah Shearim

January 30, 2012

A lot of things have happened while I was away on vacation, and I guess a lot of things will happen when I go back on vacation. But while I am here today I want to focus on the major event of the year past, because it’s results continue to unfold, and it all finds its roots in this morning’s Torah portion.

For many years I was a regular subscriber to Time Magazine. But not anymore! First of all, there is not much left to the magazine, and besides, I get enough bias against Israel from the New York Times … I don’t have to pay extra for Time Magazine. But the fact is, that while I usually disagree with much of Time’s perspective, the magazine got it just right when it chose as its Person of the Year – “The Protestor.” Protest movements are nothing new but what made it remarkable this past year was how widespread protest movements had grown … from a vegetable vendor in Tunisia to hundreds of thousands in Egypt’s Tharir Square to gun fire outside Libya’s palace to Rothschild Blvd. in Tel Aviv to the city of Homs in Syria … sweeping across Yemen and Bahrain … in Mexico and India and Chile … outside the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow to the center of Wall Street in New York. Citizens of the world were up in protest over their government’s policies and the demand for change, justice, equality merged into a cry for freedom. READ MORE

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