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My Chanukah gift to you…

December 20, 2011

An 8 day special Chanukah collection – in word and song – from the sublime to the ridiculous:

  1. Beit Meir Boys Choir – Light Up The Nights
  2. Six13 – Chanukah Rights!
  3. Hanukkah Boosters Light a Fire Under Holiday, by Stephanie Simon and Ann Zimmerman, The Wall Street Journal
  4. Reinvention of Hanukkah in the 20th Century: A Jewish Cultural Civil War by Rabbi Rabbi John Rosove, JewishJournal.com
  5. Chanuka & Card Games by Rabbi Ari Enkin, Torahmusings.com (Hirhurim)
  6. Jews, Christmas and Chinese Food by Stuart Schoffman, JewishJournal.com
  7. All I Want for Christmas Is… Jews
  8. Santa Puts on Tefillin, FrumSatire.com

Have a Happy Chanukah!

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