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Pre-marital sex @ YU/Stern, Palestinian “Peace” & Super-rich Israelis

December 12, 2011

It has been a busy week for articles of Jewish interest:

  • It all started with a provocative, anonymous essay about premarital sex published by an online student newspaper on Monday, the kind of first-person tell-all that would probably pass without much mention at the average secular university. But this essay was different, because it was written by an Orthodox woman and posted by a publication at Stern College for Women — part of Yeshiva University of Manhattan — where the writer says she is a student. Orthodox Jewish Student’s Tale of Premarital Sex, Real or Not, Roils Campus, New York Times
  • The Palestinian Authority claims in English to pursue peace, but a new 269-page
    book and CD entitled Deception, published by the research institute
    Palestinian Media Watch, says that in the Arabic-language media, their statements
    tell a different story: Palestinian Authority: Pursuing Peace, or Pushing Propaganda?,
    The Daily Beast
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