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A Mixture of Religion and Politics

November 14, 2011

We Jews are supposed to be smart people. And it would seem to be true! In the past century 20% of all Nobel laureates have been Jews. We’re only ¼ of one percent of the world’s population, but 20% of the Nobel Prize winners. In this year, 2011, five of the eleven Nobel Prize winners that have been named are Jews. That is 45% who are Jews! So, yes, it would seem as if we are smart. But between you and me … I’m not so sure!

This morning I want to test you and see just how smart you are. I’m going to ask you a series of questions and let’s see if you know the answers:
1. What religious group in America is most liked?
2. What religious group in America do we Jews most dislike?
3. What American religious group is most knowledgeable about other religions?
4. Are Mormons really Christians?
5. Who was the first convert we Jews rejected?
6. Why do Evangelicals like the Jewish people?
7. What are the names of the people who first said the words, “Boruch Hashem?”
8. Who was Maimonides?


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