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Gilad Shalit and “Let’s Make a Deal”

October 24, 2011

One of Israel’s most popular songs, written by its most popular songwriter, Naomi Shemer, is entitled, “Al kol ele – for all these things.” It begins with the words: “Al ha-devash v’al ha-okets al hamar vehamatok al biteinu ha-tinoket shmor eli ha-tov – For all these things, over the honey and the stinger, over the bitter and the sweet, over our daughter, our baby, my God watch over what is good.” The song most poignantly describes the reality of life. There is honey and a stinger, there is bitter and there is sweet … and all we can ask of God is that He watches over what is good.

Those words go to the heart of our feelings as Jews this weekend when Gilad Shalit has finally come home. There is a feeling of “the honey and the stinger,” “the bitter and the sweet.” READ MORE

And if you’re wondering what lesson the Palestinians took away from this exchange, read Would-be bomber tells Gaza kids to be like her, about a female terrorist who was released in the Shalit swap who now encourages Gaza children to take up terror and expresses hope that some of them will become martyrs.

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