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My Rosh Hashanah Sermon

October 3, 2011



 Rosh Hashana came late this year.  As I’ve pointed out before, Jewish holidays never come on time!  Sometimes they are early and sometimes they are late.  This year, Rosh Hashana came late but, thank God, it is here bringing to a close a year where it seemed as if everyone was talking about the Jews, and most of what was said wasn’t very good!  Forget about the whole year … let’s just focus on springtime – a springtime that one day after the other found someone speaking badly of the Jewish people.  There was Charlie Sheen who called his producer a “stupid Jewish pig.”  Then there was John Galliano – the famed fashion designer of Christian Dior – who said, “I love Hitler,” and shouted at a woman, “dirty Jewish face, you should be dead.”  Then we had Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame who accused British journalists of conducting a Jewish conspiracy.  Before that, there was Yemen’s President blaming Israel for its country’s problems and there were the Egyptian authorities who claimed that shark attacks off their coast were due to sharks that were trained and dumped there by the Mossad.  And after every one of these statements and accusations we all received letters from the Jewish defense agencies beseeching us to send money to help fight this threat to the survival of the Jewish people … and I will address some of these threats Kol Nidre night.  But, truth to tell, the greatest threat our people face is not from “without” but from within; the survival of the Jewish people depends not on what others say, but on what we – ourselves – are doing.  And Jews today are doing things in a way that they never did before. READ MORE

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