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Public People, Private Lives

June 21, 2011


 Public People, Private Lives

The sexual infidelities, indiscretions and, let’s just say, peccadilloes of famous people have been making the news lately. One day it’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn, of International Monetary Fund and chambermaid fame. The next day it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger of Hollywood, California Governor and housekeeper fame. And these stories get dragged out until we can find a new one to write about. So once again we have John Edwards and his insane story back in the news. And now, a new one has come on the scene with the news that New York’s popular, rising star Rep. Anthony Weiner, has been tweeting pictures of himself in his gotkas. Day after day the story gets told again and again, and the question is: is this the way it should be? Are the stories of public figure’s private lives to be splashed across the front pages of our newspapers? And there are two very seemingly acceptable answers to these questions. READ MORE

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