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Thank God for Warren Buffet

December 1, 2010


Thank God for Warren Buffet …

Thanksgiving or Chanukah … that is the question!

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving – a great American holiday. This Wednesday evening we usher in Chanukah – a great Jewish holiday. Which one should be the subject of the sermon today? I, for one, have chosen Thanksgiving because I know we’ll be celebrating Chanukah next year, but I’m not so sure if we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.

It used to be Thanksgiving was the time when Jews felt most at home in America. Thanksgiving is non-sectarian. It is about harvest and about gratitude, and these are themes that Judaism understands. Of course, this feeling of being at home in America is disrupted the next day with the arrival of what is called “Black Friday” – the start of the Christmas shopping season. But now it’s not the next day! Now Christmas shopping and Christmas advertising begin the day after Halloween. The stores used to offer special sales during December. Now they offer holiday discounts starting in early November. Andy Williams and Bing Crosby used to come on the air singing Christmas carols in December. Now you can hear them warbling “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” all through November. And so, I am worried about Thanksgiving. It seems to have gotten squeezed out between Halloween on the one side and Christmas on the other. And as a Jew, I feel bad about that. READ MORE

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